• Noun
  • the hairy coat of an animal especially when it is soft and thick
    1. The cat has black-and-white fur.
    2. The rabbit's fur is soft.
  • the fur of an animal used for clothing
    1. Her gloves are lined with fur.
    2. He made his fortune trading furs in the 17th century.
    3. a fur coat/collar
  • a piece of clothing (such as a coat) made with fur
    1. Her new fur is a full-length mink coat.
  • a material that looks and feels like the fur of an animal
    1. a teddy bear with soft fur
    2. fake/imitation fur
  • a hard material that forms in metal pipes, boilers, etc.

Những từ liên quan với FUR

skin, jacket, pelt, coat, hide, fluff, lint