Mystery | Mean of mystery in English Dictionary


  • Noun
  • something that is not known
    1. Where they went is a mystery. [=no one knows where they went]
    2. The girl's name remains a mystery.
    3. The mystery surrounding/of her disappearance has never been solved.
    4. His success is something of a mystery. = His success is a bit of a mystery.
    5. The cause of the disease remains a mystery to scientists.
    6. I don't know how he did it. It's a mystery to me!
  • the quality of being difficult to understand or explain
    1. The experiment is cloaked/shrouded/veiled in mystery.
    2. There is an air of mystery surrounding her. = She is a woman of mystery.
    3. There's no mystery (to/as to/about) why we're here. = It's no mystery why we're here. [=we know why we are here]
  • a religious event or idea that cannot be fully understood or explained
    1. the mystery of creation
  • a book, play, or movie that describes a crime and the process of solving it
    1. She has written many adventure novels and murder mysteries.
    2. mystery novels/stories
    3. She's a mystery writer.
  • someone or something whose identity has been kept secret especially in order to create interest or excitement
    1. We'll reveal the identity of today's mystery guest after these commercials.
    2. You'll find a mystery prize in each box.
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