• Noun
  • words or ideas that are foolish or untrue
    1. I don't know why you believe that nonsense about certain numbers being unlucky.
    2. The stories she told about him are sheer/utter/complete/absolute nonsense. [=the stories are completely false]
    3. He says he was attacked by a frog? Nonsense. [=I do not believe that he was attacked by a frog]
    4. She thinks that astrology is nonsense.
    5. The rumors are a lot of nonsense. [=they are not true]
    6. Don't listen to him. He's talking nonsense.
  • behavior that is silly, annoying, or unkind
    1. He was not in the mood to put up with any nonsense from his little brother.
    2. If they start pushing each other or some such nonsense, send them to their rooms.
    3. She doesn't take any nonsense from anyone.
  • language that has no meaning
    1. Many of the words in the poem are nonsense.
    2. I understood so few of the words they were using that the conversation sounded like nonsense to me.
    3. When he didn't know the words, he sang along using nonsense syllables.
    4. Her stories are full of nonsense words that kids have fun trying to say.
    5. nonsense verse/poems/rhyme [=silly poetry that often uses words that are not real words]
  • to cause (something) to no longer be effective
    1. The lack of guards makes a nonsense of the security checkpoint.

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jest, gibberish, stupidity, babble, folly, scrawl, joke, drivel, madness, bananas, baloney