• Noun
  • the soul of a dead person thought of as living in an unseen world or as appearing to living people
    1. The book is about the phantoms that are said to haunt the nation's cemeteries.
  • something that is not real and exists only in a person's mind
    1. The crisis is merely a phantom made up by the media.
  • something that is hard to see or achieve
    1. He spent years chasing the phantoms of fame and fortune.
  • coming from or associated with the world of ghosts
    1. People claim to have seen a phantom ship floating on the lake.
  • not real or true or not based on something real or true
    1. A number of ballots from phantom voters had to be thrown out.
    2. phantom fears
  • not real but felt or experienced as something real
    1. phantom illnesses
    2. a phantom pregnancy [=a medical condition in which a woman believes that she is pregnant and can appear to be pregnant when she is not pregnant]