• Noun
  • a living thing that grows in the ground, usually has leaves or flowers, and needs sun and water to survive
    1. a cotton plant
    2. plant and animal life
  • a building or factory where something is made
    1. an auto plant
    2. an ice-cream plant
  • the land, buildings, and equipment of an organization
    1. the college's physical plant
  • something that is put in a place to trick or confuse people
    1. He claimed police left the glove at the crime scene as a plant. [=as false evidence to make it look like he committed the crime]
  • a person who is put in a place as a spy or for a secret purpose
    1. The gangsters never suspected that he was a police plant.
  • Verb
  • to put (a seed, flower, or plant) in the ground to grow
    1. He planted the seeds.
    2. I planted corn this year.
  • to fill (an area) with seeds, flowers, or plants
    1. I planted the border with roses.
    2. a field planted with corn
  • to put or place (something) in the ground
    1. She planted stakes in the garden to hold the vines.
  • to put or place (something or yourself) firmly or forcefully on a surface or in a particular position
    1. He planted a punch on the other boxer's nose. [=he punched the other boxer's nose]
    2. She planted a big kiss on his cheek. [=she gave him a big kiss on his cheek]
    3. I firmly planted my feet and refused to move.
    4. He planted himself in front of the TV and stayed there.
  • to put (someone or something) in a place secretly
    1. Terrorists planted a bomb in the bus station.
    2. She claims that the police planted the drugs in her car.
    3. The police officers were accused of planting evidence at the scene. [=placing objects at the scene to make someone seem guilty of a crime]
    4. He was a spy planted in the office by a rival company.
  • to cause (a story, rumor, etc.) to be reported or talked about usually for some secret purpose
    1. Someone planted a rumor saying that he had died.
    2. They planted a story in the press about her mental problems.
  • to cause (an idea, feeling, etc.) to be in someone's mind
    1. She planted the first seeds of doubt in my mind.
    2. The story planted the idea of starting my own business in my mind. [=the story made me think of starting my own business]

Những từ liên quan với PLANT

shop, raise, mill, sow, flower, grow, farm, cover, machinery, scatter, bury, herb, grass, shrub, implant