• Noun
  • the amount of money that you pay for something or that something costs
    1. oil/gas prices
    2. You paid a high/low/reasonable price for the car.
    3. We bought the house at a good price.
    4. Can you give me a price for the car? [=can you tell me how much the car costs?]
    5. If the price is right/reasonable, I'll buy it. = If it's the right price, I'll buy it.
    6. The price of milk rose/increased/fell/dropped.
    7. With the coupon you can buy two loaves of bread for the price of one. [=for the same amount of money it costs to buy one]
    8. I won't sell the house. Not at any price! [=I won't sell the house no matter how much money someone offers me for it]
    9. High-definition television sets should come down in price over the next few years. [=they should start to cost less over the next few years]
    10. What is the difference in price between the two cars?
    11. Children who are older than 12 years old have to pay full price. [=the main or highest price]
    12. Air-conditioning is included in the car's base price. [=the basic price you pay for something without adding anything extra]
    13. price cuts/increases
    14. a price list for computer components
  • the thing that is lost, damaged, or given up in order to get or do something
    1. A loss of privacy is often the price (you pay) for being famous.
    2. Giving up alcohol was a small price (to pay) for keeping his family together.
    3. Five years in prison is a high price (to pay) for one mistake.
    4. We won the war, but at what price? [=did we lose or give up too much in order to win the war?]
    5. What price glory/fame? [=is glory/fame worth what you have to lose or give up in order to get it?]
  • the amount of money needed to persuade someone to do something
    1. I know he said he wouldn't do it, but I think it's just a matter of finding his price.
  • an amount of money that will be given to anyone who kills or captures someone
    1. The group's leader has been in hiding since the government put a price on his head.
  • for any amount of money
    1. We think it's the best education you can get at any price.
    2. I wouldn't work for her again. Not at any price.
  • without caring about what might be lost or given up
    1. people who want peace at any price
  • by losing or giving up something or doing something unpleasant
    1. Success came at a price.
  • for a very large amount of money
    1. The chocolate is available by mail order, but at a price. [=it is expensive to have the chocolate mailed to you]
  • extremely valuable or important
    1. Her friendship is a treasure beyond price. [=a priceless treasure]
  • to ask for a particular amount of money for (something you are selling)
    1. The owners have not yet put a price on the house.
  • to say how important or valuable something is
    1. You can't put a price on true love.
    2. The teachers there really care about the students, and I don't think you can put a price on (something like) that.
  • Verb
  • to say or decide how much something costs
    1. They priced the house too high.
    2. The house is priced too high.
    3. The computer is priced at $2,000.
    4. a reasonably priced car
    5. high-priced televisions [=expensive televisions]
  • to put a price on (something)
    1. Workers quickly priced the new merchandise.
  • to learn the price of (something that you are thinking about buying)
    1. I've been pricing TVs [=comparing the prices of different TVs] and I know which one we should buy.
  • to make the price of something too high for (someone)
    1. The high rents are pricing some people out of the market.
  • to make the price of your services, products, etc., too high
    1. If your fee is too high, you may find that you've priced yourself out of the market. [=people may stop wanting to pay for your services because they cost too much]

Những từ liên quan với PRICE

figure, estimate, demand, premium, expense, output, cost, return, fee, amount, expenditure, rate, fare, pay, payment