• Verb
  • to need (someone or something) for support, help, etc.
    1. My mother relied on me for financial support.
    2. They rely on a well for all their water.
    3. She relies on her sister to drive her to school.
    4. He no longer relies upon his parents for money.
  • to trust or believe (someone or something)
    1. She's someone you can rely on.
    2. You can rely on him to do it right.
    3. I relied heavily upon your advice.
    4. You could always rely on [=count on] him to disagree. [=you could always be sure that he would disagree]
  • to expect (something) with confidence
    1. The economy may improve next year, but it's not something you can rely on.

Những từ liên quan với RELY

entrust, expect, build, hope, calculate, look, confide, commit, lean, depend, await