• Verb
  • to put (something that is broken or damaged) back into good condition
    1. He repairs clocks.
    2. This old lawn mower isn't worth repairing.
    3. She repaired an old chest that was coming apart.
    4. He underwent surgery to repair a torn ligament in his knee.
    5. There was no hope of repairing the damage—she had to buy a new car.
  • to correct or improve (something, such as a relationship or reputation)
    1. The school is trying to repair its damaged reputation.
    2. Can their marriage be repaired?
  • Noun
  • the act or process of repairing something
    1. The roof is in need of repair. [=the roof needs to be repaired; the roof is damaged, in poor condition, etc.]
    2. a shoe/car repair shop
    3. The car was damaged beyond repair. [=the car was so damaged that it could not be repaired]
    4. The repairs were expensive.
    5. We had to make repairs to the roof.
    6. He made a few repairs to the stairs.
  • a specified physical condition
    1. His job is to keep the buildings in good repair. [=in good condition]
    2. The roof is in poor repair.
    3. The fence is in excellent repair.
  • Verb
  • to go to (a place)
    1. After dinner, the guests repaired to the drawing room for coffee.
    2. (humorous) Shall we repair to the coffee shop?