• Verb
  • to make a long cut in (something) with a knife or other sharp weapon
    1. Someone slashed his car's tires.
    2. He threatened to slash the man's throat.
  • to make (a path) by cutting plants
    1. She slashed a path through the underbrush.
    2. They slashed their way through the jungle.
  • to reduce (something) by a large amount
    1. The company has slashed prices to increase sales.
    2. Funding for the program was slashed.
  • to attack (someone or something) violently with a knife or other sharp weapon
    1. He slashed at me with a knife.
  • Noun
  • a thin and usually long cut made with a knife or other sharp object
    1. There was a horrible slash on his arm.
  • a quick movement with a sharp knife or weapon to cut someone or something
    1. He cut my cheek with a quick slash of the knife.
  • a patch or line of bright light or color
    1. slashes of sunlight on a wall
    2. a dark painting with a slash of red
  • the mark / that is used to mean “or” (as in and/or), “and or” (as in bottles/cans), or “per” (as in kilometers/hour) or as a division sign in fractions (as in ³/₄)
  • an act of urinating
    1. He got out of the car to have/take a slash.

Những từ liên quan với SLASH

slit, rip, slice, pierce, injure, chop, shave, cut, pare, rend, incise, drop, lacerate, curtail, shorten