• Verb
  • to spill from a container
    1. Water slopped (over the edge) as he handed her the glass.
  • to splash or spill (a liquid)
    1. She slopped coffee on her sweater.
    2. Huge waves slopped water into the boat.
  • to feed slop to (an animal)
    1. slop the pigs
  • to move or act in a lazy or relaxed way
    1. He slopped around the house all day.
  • Noun
  • food that is fed to pigs and other animals
    1. The pigs are fed slop.
    2. The pigs ate the slops.
  • soft, wet food that is very unappealing
    1. I won't eat that slop!
  • something that is worthless, foolish, etc.
    1. The movie is just a lot of sentimental slop. [=garbage]

Những từ liên quan với SLOP

slosh, spill, dash, overflow, smear, drip, splatter