• not afraid of danger or difficult situations
    1. The area was settled by bold [=brave, courageous] pioneers.
    2. Few politicians have been bold enough to oppose the plan to cut taxes.
  • showing or needing confidence or lack of fear
    1. It's a bold plan that might fail.
    2. Hiring a novice was a bold move.
  • very confident in a way that may seem rude or foolish
    1. He punished the bold child for talking back.
    2. He was/made so bold as to guarantee a victory. [=he confidently guaranteed a victory]
    3. I'd like to offer a few criticisms, if I may be so bold.
  • very noticeable or easily seen
    1. She wore a dress with bold stripes.
    2. The painting is done in bold colors.
  • very steep
    1. bold cliffs
  • not afraid at all
    1. I was too nervous to do it, but my sister went right up to him (as) bold as brass and asked for his autograph.