• always active or changing
    1. a dynamic city
    2. a dynamic relationship
  • having or showing a lot of energy
    1. a dynamic [=enthusiastic] speaker
    2. an exciting and dynamic performance
  • of or relating to energy, motion, or physical force
    1. the dynamic theory of heat
    2. dynamic and potential energy
  • Noun
  • the way that two or more people behave with each other because of a particular situation
    1. the dynamic between a doctor and a patient
    2. the teacher-student dynamic
    3. Group dynamics are important to consider.
    4. The dynamics of this class are different from those of other classes.
  • something that causes change or growth in something else
    1. Disease was a central dynamic in the decrease in population.
    2. a study on famine and population dynamics
  • the science that studies motion and the forces that cause or stop motion
    1. molecular/fluid dynamics
  • changes in how loudly a piece of music is played or sung
    1. Dynamics greatly affect the impact of the music.