• Noun
  • a tight bend or curl in something (such as a rope or hose)
    1. There was a kink in the chain.
  • a pain especially in your neck or back that is caused by tight muscles
    1. I woke up on the bus with a kink [=crick] in my neck.
  • a small problem or flaw
    1. We just installed a new computer program, and we're still working/ironing out the kinks. [=trying to fix the problems]
  • a strange or unusual part of someone's personality
    1. Everyone's personality has a few kinks. [=quirks]

Những từ liên quan với KINK

knot, frizz, crinkle, corkscrew, stitch, cramp, loop, curve, quirk, imperfection, flaw, crimp, pain, coil