• relating to the body of a person instead of the mind
    1. physical abuse
    2. The program is designed to address both physical and emotional health.
    3. No physical contact with other players is allowed in the game.
    4. He has an unusual physical appearance.
    5. He is in good physical condition. [=he is strong and healthy; he is in good shape]
    6. physical fitness [=good health and strength that you get through exercise]
  • existing in a form that you can touch or see
    1. physical objects
    2. the physical environment/world
    3. There was no physical evidence of the crime.
  • involving or related to sex
    1. physical attraction
    2. Their relationship was purely physical.
  • involving or having a lot of movement or activity
    1. physical comedy [=comedy in which people hit each other, fall down, etc.]
    2. He's a very physical comedian.
  • involving or having very violent and forceful activity
    1. Ice hockey is a very physical sport.
    2. It was a very physical hockey game.
    3. He's one of the team's most physical players.
  • of or relating to the laws of nature
    1. Scientists used the space station to study physical phenomena in a weightless environment.
  • of or relating to the study of physics
    1. physical forces
  • tending to express love or affection by touching other people
    1. She is a very physical person.
  • Noun
  • a medical examination to see if a person's body is healthy
    1. Her doctor performed a routine physical. [=checkup]
    2. an annual physical

Những từ liên quan với PHYSICAL

corporeal, gross, solid, palpable, objective, real, sensible, brute, phenomenal, natural, personal