• Verb
  • to suddenly break open or come away from something often with a short, loud noise
    1. The balloon popped. [=burst]
    2. We heard the sound of corks popping as the celebration began.
    3. One of the buttons popped off my sweater.
    4. Don't pop that balloon!
    5. She popped the cork on the champagne. [=she opened the bottle of champagne by removing the cork]
  • to make a short, loud noise
    1. Guns were popping in the distance.
  • to cook (popcorn)
    1. We popped some popcorn in the microwave.
    2. The popcorn is done popping.
  • to come from, into, or out of a place suddenly or briefly
    1. I didn't mean to say that—it just popped out.
    2. Her shoulder popped out of its socket.
    3. He opened the box, and out popped a mouse.
    4. A funny thought just popped into my head. [=I just thought of something funny]
    5. The cathedral suddenly popped into view. [=I could suddenly see the cathedral]
    6. Her father pops in and out of her life. [=her father is sometimes involved in her life and sometimes not]
  • to go to or from a place quickly, suddenly, or briefly
    1. If you are busy, I can pop back in later.
    2. She popped over for a cup of tea. = (Brit) She popped round for a cup of tea.
    3. My neighbor popped in for a visit.
    4. I need to pop into the drugstore for some film.
    5. She popped out for a minute. She should be back soon.
    6. I'll pop down to the post office during my break.
  • to put (something) in, into, or onto a place suddenly or briefly
    1. She popped a CD in the player.
    2. He popped a quarter in the jukebox.
    3. I popped a grape into my mouth.
    4. He popped [=stuck] his head out the window.
  • to hit (someone)
    1. I felt like popping him (one).
  • to hit a pop fly
    1. He popped [=popped up] to the second baseman in the first inning.
    2. The batter popped out. [=hit a pop fly that was caught for an out]
  • to open and drink (a bottle or can of beer)
    1. They stopped at a bar to pop a few beers after work.
  • to die especially in a sudden or unexpected way
    1. The old man popped off before he could rewrite his will.
  • to talk loudly or angrily to someone
    1. The hockey player was ejected from the game for popping off to the referee.
  • to put on (clothing) quickly
    1. pop on a hat
  • to open suddenly and quickly
    1. The suitcase/lid popped open.
  • to open (something) suddenly and quickly
    1. She popped the umbrella open.
    2. He popped open a cold beer.
  • to take a lot of pills regularly
    1. I've been popping pills all week for this cold.
    2. He spends his time getting drunk and popping pills.
  • to ask someone to marry you
    1. He popped the question on Christmas Day.
  • to appear in usually a sudden or unexpected way
    1. Coffee shops seem to be popping up everywhere.
    2. New evidence has been popping up every day in the trial.
    3. Problems kept popping up.
  • to hit a high fly ball that does not go very far
    1. The batter popped up [=popped] to the second baseman.
  • Noun
  • a short, loud sound
    1. We heard a loud pop when the lights went out.
  • for each one
    1. The tickets are selling at $50 a pop.
  • to try to hit (someone)
    1. Some drunk took a pop at me.
  • to criticize (someone) publicly
    1. He took a pop at his rival.
  • of or relating to things that are popular and often talked about on television, in newspapers, etc.
    1. pop culture/psychology/fiction
  • of or relating to popular music
    1. pop rock
    2. a pop singer/star [=a person who sings popular music]
  • music that is popular
    1. The radio station plays pop.
  • an orchestra that plays popular music
    1. the Boston/Cincinnati Pops
  • a person's father
    1. Hey Pop, can I borrow one of your ties?
    2. My pop likes watching football.

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