• having an acid taste that is like the taste of a lemon
    1. sour pickles
    2. a sour apple
    3. a slightly sour taste
  • having the unpleasant taste or smell of food that is no longer fresh
    1. The milk had turned/gone sour.
    2. The cream smells sour.
    3. a sour odor
    4. sour [=bad] breath
  • unpleasant or unfriendly
    1. a sour, cynical person
    2. He made a sour face.
    3. Their relationship ended on a sour note. [=ended unpleasantly]
  • bad or wrong
    1. Their relationship had turned/gone sour.
    2. All their investments went sour.
  • having a bad opinion of (something)
    1. She was sour on politics in general.
  • Noun
  • an alcoholic drink that has a sour taste
    1. a whiskey sour
  • Verb
  • to lose freshness and get an unpleasant taste or smell
    1. The milk soured quickly.
  • to become unpleasant or unfriendly
    1. Her disposition has soured in recent years.
    2. Their friendship has soured. [=they are no longer friends]
  • to make (someone or something) unpleasant or unfriendly
    1. Jealousy has soured their relationship.
    2. His experiences have soured him.
  • to make (something good) less pleasant or enjoyable
    1. The team's victory was soured by an injury to one of their best players.
  • to stop liking or being interested in (something) or to cause (someone) to stop liking or being interested in (something)
    1. Investors have soured on (buying) the company's stock.
    2. Many fans have soured on the team after years of losing.
    3. The disappointing result of the election soured her on politics.

Những từ liên quan với SOUR

sharp, grouchy, pungent, acrimonious, bitter, acidic, acid, piquant, biting, caustic, briny, musty, salty