• having rotted or decayed and no longer able to be used, eaten, etc.
    1. rotten wood
    2. rotten teeth
    3. rotten eggs
    4. The bananas went rotten.
    5. The whole political system is rotten. [=corrupt]
  • very bad or unpleasant
    1. What rotten [=lousy] luck!
    2. They did a rotten job.
    3. We played a rotten game. [=we did not play well]
    4. What rotten weather we're having.
  • not well or healthy
    1. I feel rotten today.
  • not happy or pleased
    1. I feel rotten [=I feel guilty; I am upset] about what I said.
  • not morally good
    1. He was a rotten husband. [=he was not a very good husband]
    2. She's rotten to the core. [=she's a very bad person; she's a very dishonest person]
  • very badly or poorly
    1. He treats her rotten.
  • very much
    1. (Brit) He fancies you (something) rotten. [=he likes you very much]
    2. Those kids were spoiled rotten by their mother.

Những từ liên quan với ROTTEN

dirty, sour, putrid, noxious, nasty, stale, corrupt, amiss, crooked, lousy, disgusting, moldy