• happening or existing before now and continuing into the present
    1. He still lives there. [=he continues to live there]
    2. It's still early/cold/Tuesday.
    3. She's still mad about what happened yesterday.
    4. Eat your soup while it's still hot. [=while it continues to be hot; before it cools]
  • in spite of that
    1. Careful people can still make mistakes.
    2. I tried again and still I failed.
  • without moving
    1. Sit still. It'll just take a minute.
    2. She stood very still.
  • to a greater extent or degree
    1. a still more difficult problem = a problem that is more difficult still
    2. still bigger/better/longer
  • in addition
    1. He won still [=yet] another tournament.
    2. still more complications
  • not moving
    1. still water
    2. The cat twitched slightly, and then was still.
  • lacking motion or activity
    1. Everyone had left, and the house was finally still.
    2. a hot, still day [=a day without wind]
  • relating to or used for still photographs
    1. a class in still photography
    2. a still camera
  • not having bubbles
    1. They had still and fizzy drinks.
    2. still wine
  • Verb
  • to make (something) less severe or strong
    1. Her reassuring words stilled our fears/apprehensions.
  • to become still or to make (something) still
    1. The water stilled at last.
    2. river waters stilled by dams
  • to stop (something) from continuing
    1. The report has not stilled debate about whether the procedure is safe.
  • Noun
  • quiet or silence
    1. the still of late evening
    2. the still of the deep woods
  • a photograph of actors or scenes from a movie
    1. a series of stills from the movie
  • the time late at night when it is very quiet and dark
  • a piece of equipment that is used for making strong alcoholic drinks
    1. a whisky still

Những từ liên quan với STILL

static, stable, notwithstanding, even, closed, smooth, halcyon, nevertheless, quietude, nonetheless, fixed