• Verb
  • to move in circles or to cause (something) to move in circles
      1. She swirled the drink (around) in her glass.
        The water swirled around/down the drain.
        strong swirling winds
        Rumors are swirling about/around the team. [=there are a lot of rumors about the team]
  • Noun
  • a twisting or swirling movement, form, or object
      1. A swirl of smoke rose from the chimney.
        He painted swirls of color on the canvas.
        ice cream with chocolate swirls
  • a state of busy movement or activity
      1. She was caught up in the swirl of events.

Những từ liên quan với SWIRL

whirl, surge, Snake, swoosh, wriggle, twirl, whorl, whirlpool, agitate, crisp, curl, roll, boil, crimp, churn, eddy, coil, roil, purl