• dry, hard, and easily broken
    1. the pie's deliciously crisp [=crispy] crust
    2. a crisp cookie
    3. The fish is fried until crisp. [=until its outer layer is brown and crunchy]
    4. crisp bacon
  • pleasantly firm and making a sharp sound when chewed or crushed
    1. fresh, crisp lettuce
    2. crisp celery
  • clean, smooth, and somewhat stiff
    1. I put on a crisp shirt and tie.
    2. clean, crisp bedsheets
    3. a crisp $100 bill
  • having details that are easily seen or heard
    1. crisp black-and-white photographs
    2. The stereo's sound is crisp and clear.
  • pleasantly cool, fresh, and dry
    1. a crisp autumn day
    2. crisp winter air
    3. She chose a crisp white wine for dinner.
  • moving or speaking quickly and directly
    1. We were impressed by her crisp, businesslike manner.
    2. He issued a series of crisp commands.
    3. He responded with a crisp [=terse] “No. Thank you.”
  • done in a very confident and skillful way
    1. a crisp tennis serve
  • Noun
  • a thin, hard, and usually salty piece of food
    1. corn crisps
  • a dessert made of cooked fruit with a sweet, dry topping
    1. a hot apple crisp
  • to a state of being hard, dry, and easily broken
    1. The toast had been burned to a crisp.
  • Verb
  • to make (something) crisp or to become crisp
    1. Crisp the celery in ice water.
    2. The crust crisped (up) nicely in the oven.

Những từ liên quan với CRISP

short, cutting, crumbly, neat, stimulating, brief, refreshing, firm, fresh, brisk, penetrating, bracing