• Noun
  • a hole in the ground for burying a dead body
    1. dig a grave
    2. The casket was lowered into the grave.
    3. He was buried in a shallow grave.
    4. We went to the cemetery to visit my aunt's grave. [=to visit the place where my aunt's body is buried]
    5. A headstone marks her son's grave.
    6. grave robbers [=people who dig up a buried body to steal the things that were buried with it]
    7. The company founder must be turning in his grave because of the changes we've made.
  • very serious
    1. This violation of school rules is a grave matter.
    2. His carelessness could have grave consequences.
    3. They have placed themselves in grave danger.
    4. I have grave doubts about this plan.
    5. suffering from a grave illness
  • serious and formal in appearance or manner
    1. The judge issued his ruling with a grave expression.
  • having the form `
    1. The French word père is written with a grave accent over the first e.

Những từ liên quan với GRAVE

sedate, pressing, killing, sage, dull, earnest, crypt, major, shrine, dignified, catacomb, acute, muted