• Noun
  • the place where something (such as a building) is, was, or will be located
    1. Hard hats must be worn on the construction site.
    2. They visited the site of their future house.
    3. The company has chosen a new site for its office building.
  • a place where something important has happened
    1. the site of the battle
    2. Federal investigators combed through the crash site.
  • a place that is used for a particular activity
    1. an archaeological site
    2. a nuclear test site
  • Verb
  • to place or build (something) in a particular location
    1. The office building will be sited on this lot.

Những từ liên quan với SITE

locale, range, spot, hangout, section, haunt, layout, slot, plot, habitat, lay, locus, scene, location, fix